Welcome To The AllAccess Law Group

WE REPRESENT adults and children with a broad range of physical disabilities who have been discriminated by businesses, government facilities, or transportation services.

Our primary focus is on achieving full and equal access to public accommodations and to public services under the ADA and California laws.

We also represent tenants with disabilities who have been discriminated against by their landlords in violation of federal and California fair housing laws.

City of Campbell (Campbell Community Center): the City of Campbell agreed to provide accessible parking, accessible restrooms, and accessible fitness machines in the exercise area along the running track. January 2018.

Airport Inn, San Jose: Defendants agreed to provide accessible parking, main entrance/exit doors, interior counters, and guest suites. April 2018.

Executive Inn, Morgan Hill: Obtained an injunction requiring Defendants to provide accessible routes, parking, entrance/exit doors, pool/spa area, and business center. May 2018.

Residential Facility, Walnut Creek: Defendants agreed to provide wheelchair access to the building’s elevators by installing an entryway ramp. January 2019.

Private Bus Company. Defendant agreed to improve their online reservation system for passengers with disabilities that may need accommodations for a trip, including providing adequate information on how to request accommodations. May 2019.

Motel, Berkeley: Defendants agreed to provide exterior and interior paths that are accessible to persons that are blind/visually impaired. September 2019.

Arby's, San Jose: Obtained an injunction requiring Defendant to provide accessible seating, parking, cashier counter, and woman's restroom. October 2019.

Residential Facility, San Jose: Defendants agreed to provide an assigned parking space at their residential facility to disabled tenant’s caregiver. Defendants remediated various accessibility barriers in the common areas. May 2020.

Mona’s Burgers, Clayton: Defendant remediated inaccessible doors and provided proper braille signage. August 2020.

City of Roseville: Negotiated a settlement which resulted in the City improving wheelchair access at an intersection. August 2020.

Hotel, Palm Desert: Defendants agreed to improve their reservation system for persons with disabilities including allowing a guest with disabilities to reserve any type of available accessible guest room through their reservation system. August 2020.

City of Sacramento (Miller Park): The City agreed to provide accessible restrooms and parking spaces. October 2020.

Medical Office, Stockton: Defendants agreed to remedy inaccessible doors, exam room, restroom, hallway, parking, and paths of travel. December 2020.

Santa Clara County Superior Court (Hall of Justice and Homestead Rd): Defendants agreed provide accessible doors, proper signage, and accessible parking (Civil Center Public Parking). February 2021

Pacifica State Beach, Pacifica: Defendants remedied inaccessible path of travel adjacent to the beach. February 2021.

Roundtable Pizza, San Jose: Defendants agreed to provide accessible parking and entrance door. March 2021.

City of Campbell (John D. Morgan Park): The City of Campbell agreed to provide an accessible men’s restroom, parking, and  paths of travel. August 2021.